Thinking Of Buying A Used Hot Tub?

At Roberton Billiards & Spas we have a full-service department, that sells used hot tubs as well as move and repair hot tubs.  So we will give you straightforward information about buying a used hot tub.


If you’re shopping for a hot tub, buying a secondhand spa often will enter some people’s minds.  If you don’t know anything about hot tubs, this guide will help you to be able to accurately compare the benefits and risks of a new vs. used hot tub.

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Advanced Water Care Troubleshooting Guide

Advanced Water Care Troubleshooting


We try to keep spa water care as simple as possible here at Robertson Hot Tubs.  Understanding what is causing the issues is always the first step in troubleshooting less-than-perfect hot tub water.  It’s important to understand the basics before worrying about solving aesthetic water issues, like cloudy water.  I would recommend you read our hot tub water care 101 guide, to get an idea of how the care program should be going.

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Pros & Cons of Salt Water in a Hot Tub

Salt Water Hot Tubs


Salt water systems are becoming more and more common in the hot tub marketplace.  Salt water sanitization systems offer many advantages over chlorine or any other chemical sterilization program.  Salt water hot tubs are always going to be gentler on the skin and eyes, lower maintenance, and cut way back on the amount of water care products you’re going to need to have ready to maintain the water, as well as other advantages.  In the vast majority of situations salt water is always a better pick.  In this blog, we will be going over the pro and cons of a salt water hot tub.

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Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to Robertson Billiards and Spa’s total hot tub buyer’s guide! If you’re a beginner looking to purchase a hot tub in the Sarasota, Clearwater hot tub, or Tampa hot tub market (or hot tub anywhere in central Florida), you’ve come across the right blog. In this guide, we’re going to take to you through all the important factors to consider when purchasing a hot tub, provide expert buying tips, and help you make an informed decision to find the perfect hot tub for your needs. Let’s jump into the hot tub world!

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Watercare 101

Here at Robertson Spas & Hot Tubs, our goal is to make owning and maintaining a hot tub as easy as possible for the clients we serve at our three locations in Tampa, Clearwater & Sarasota Florida.  This is blog is going to focus on the absolute most important and basic tenants of water care for your home spa.  I will be glossing over some details in the interest of keeping hot tub water care as simple as possible.

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Cinco De Mayo Hot Tub Fiesta

It’s almost Cinco De Mayo, one of our favorite commemorations here in Sarasota, and we think you should celebrate in style with a relaxing hot tub party. Granted, you hardly need an excuse to wind down in a hot tub or spa after working all day, but Cinco De Mayo provides us with even more reason to do something nice.

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How to Clean Your Spa and How Often

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching and the winter months closer to being just a memory, the time has come for some well-deserved soaks in your spa. Much like the cleaning ritual you undertake during the spring, the cleanliness of your spa is important to it being enjoyed during this time of year. Just like the yearly tune-up that keeps your car on the road and running pristine, your spa needs some tender loving care. 

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