How to Clean Your Spa and How Often

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching and the winter months closer to being just a memory, the time has come for some well-deserved soaks in your spa. Much like the cleaning ritual you undertake during the spring, the cleanliness of your spa is important to it being enjoyed during this time of year. Just like the yearly tune-up that keeps your car on the road and running pristine, your spa needs some tender loving care. 

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Regular Cleaning for an Irregular Experience 

Your spa can be greatly affected by the geographic location that you live in. Warm weather provides a breeding ground for algae, mold, and other various types of bacteria. These organisms can seep inside the moving part of your spa and cause costly damage. Not to mention, they’ll prevent your spa from being used and can cause substantial health hazards. This isn’t something to be taken lightly, as over 27,000 infections were linked to bacteria that grew in spas between the years 2000 to 2014. 

Regular Spa Cleanliness

A determining factor in how often you clean your spa all comes down to how often you use it. While the number of times you fire it up might vary from the next person, it’s recommended that you clean it with chemical treatments at least once a week. Taking a sponge and white vinegar to the jets is also recommended if they’re in a semi-regular state of use. 

Draining Your Spa 

Despite the implication that this phrase might suggest, we mean it in the literal sense and not as a slang term for going to the bathroom. The frequency of this all depends on how often you use your tub, but it’s usually recommended that you drain your spa at least four times a year. It usually takes about an hour and won’t impact your bus schedule. 

Spa Cover Cleaning 

While a spa cover is used to keep debris from coming into contact with the water, cleaning the cover is just as important as everything else. Your cover can collect a fair amount of algae, dust, and various life forms. Washing it down with a hose on a monthly basis can keep it in good condition. 

The Importance of Preventative Measures 

Taking good care of your spa will let you to enjoy it whenever you like. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs that will make a significant impact on your budget and your livelihood. 

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