8 Features to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub

A hot tub can be the perfect addition to your backyard or patio. While a swimming pool is synonymous with the summertime, a hot tub can be taken advantage of all year long. They can be extremely therapeutic and be beneficial to wellness. If you’ve decided it’s time to purchase one, there’re a few features to keep an eye on when deciding what to buy.

Woman relaxing in a classic hot tub

1. Materials

One of the most important deciding factors in any hot tub purchase involves the material it’s constructed from. Hot tubs are built from acrylic, vinyl, or rotomolded plastic. Plastic is lightweight but has trouble retaining heat. On the low end of the cost spectrum are vinyl shells, but these have been found to also not retain heat and not be effective in terms of durability. While they tend to be the most expensive out of the three, acrylic hot tub shells are durable, retain heat well, and don’t lose their color scheme over time.

2. Exterior Cabinets

The hot tub cabinet surrounds the exterior and should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you feel like your hot tub should change with the seasons, interchangeable side panels can create a nice touch all year long. For a more earthy tone, natural wood panels will do the trick, though they’ll need upkeep throughout the year.

3. Insulation

Depending upon the geographical area you live in, insulation is a very important part of your hot tub to consider. If you live in a cold climate, adequate insulation is necessary if you want to use your hot tub all year long.

4. Lighting

Lighting serves a dual purpose for your hot tub. While it goes without saying that the right type of lighting will add a unique aesthetic to your hot tub and illuminate its features, proper lighting is important as a safety feature. If you’re using a hot tub late at night, proper lighting can help prevent accidents.

5. Controls

Controlling the features of your hot tub, such as jets, temperature, and lighting, are more advanced than ever. While basic control panels are still available for your hot tub, things can be taken a step further. These days, you can control these features from an app on your smartphone.

6. Massage Jets

The Massage jets are one of the best therapeutic qualities of the hot tub. When you’re making your purchase, consider how effective they can be. Pay close attention to the jet design and how it can benefit you and the other people who will be using your hot tub.

7. Cooling Systems

While a cooling system in a hot tub might seem detrimental, this is what allows you to enjoy your purchase all year long. Just like you adjust your shower depending on what the weather is like, a cooling system in your hot tub will allow small children and people susceptible to heat to enjoy your hot tub.

8. Entertainment Packages

If you’re going to relax your muscles after a long day, why not sweeten the experience with some audio or visual entertainment? Advances in technology allow you to have a system installed to make your downtime that much more enjoyable. Just be sure to exercise caution when operating anything electric near water.

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