What Size Hot Tub Should I Get?

If you’re in the market for a hot tub, you’re probably considering a ton of features from accommodation to comfort. Along with the standard options, you should also think about seating and size. To help you decide, Robertson Billiards & Spas has compiled the benefits of different-sized hot tubs.

Woman relaxing in a hot tub for 2 to 3 adults

Smaller-Scale Hot Tub for 2 to 3 Adults

There are several benefits of choosing a hot tub that accommodates two to three adults. First, it takes up less space which makes it ideal for smaller areas, whereas a bigger hot tub can overwhelm backyards, decks, and patios that aren’t very sizable. Plus, singles and couples may find that two or three seats are enough for them to enjoy soaking in the spa. If guests will not be coming over often to soak in your hot tub, a compact style may be the way for you to go in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance.

Comfortable Hot Tub for 4 to 5 Adults

Purchasing a hot tub that seats four to five people is a great idea for families and/or if you plan to have visitors relaxing in the hot tub regularly. Besides from the number of actual seats in the tub, the size of the footwell for each person needs to be considered. If the footwells are on the smaller side, you risk having everyone’s legs and feet being uncomfortably cramped. Even if you intend on using the spa by yourself or with one other individual, a tub that seats four to five adults may work out great so you have an open, roomy feel.

Spacious Hot Tub for 6 or more Adults

If you are lucky enough to have ample space that can easily accommodate an enormous hot tub, why not consider buying one that seats six or more adults. This will increase your options for usage as it allows room for your family and friends as well as enjoyment during parties. Plenty of seating along with abundant legroom is certainly a winning combination when it comes to hot tubs.

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