Cinco De Mayo Hot Tub Fiesta

It’s almost Cinco De Mayo, one of our favorite commemorations here in Sarasota, and we think you should celebrate in style with a relaxing hot tub party. Granted, you hardly need an excuse to wind down in a hot tub or spa after working all day, but Cinco De Mayo provides us with even more reason to do something nice.
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Check out these fun ways to make your Cinco De Mayo fiesta even better with a hot tub party.

How to Do the Perfect Hot Tub Party

  • Plan the party carefully.
      • Make sure you know how many guests you intend to invite. Obviously, there are hot tubs of many different sizes. Some are only compatible for couples, while others can hold up to 10 people. You wouldn’t invite 20 guests with only a small hot tub if it meant folks couldn’t participate as much. Then again, you can always take turns rotating among your family and friends.
  • Be careful with alcohol.
      • Nobody can deny the splendor of drinking a nice margarita on Cinco De Mayo while enjoying a warm soak in the spa. However, you’ll want to exercise prudence whenever combining alcohol with the hot tub experience. We strongly recommend you drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration and drunkenness. Also, as a rule of thumb, it’s better to enter the hot tub prior to drinking alcohol. Liquor before a warm dip can shock your system if you aren’t careful.
  • Include fun things to go along with the hot tub experience.
      • It’s usually hard to endure the hot water from your spa for an entire day, so it’s wise to have a few other things to do mixed with dips in the tub. We recommend outdoor activities like backyard games, and card games, and don’t forget good food and music.
  • Gather all the important equipment and party items in advance.
    • This includes the little stuff like towels, swimming suits, and the like. However, if you haven’t used your hot tub or spa in a while, you may want to check to see if everything is functioning properly. Don’t forget that Robertson Spas carries all kinds of replacement accessories if you discover something in disrepair.

We hope you find these simple party suggestions helpful. Don’t overthink it, but it always helps to plan in advance when you want to throw an awesome Cinco De Mayo fiesta.

Robertson Spas serves the Sarasota and Tampa communities with a wide assortment of hot tubs, spas, billiards equipment, and accessories. Feel free to visit us if you want to celebrate all your commemorations with a soothing hot tub party. We’re happy to help you select your favorite luxury hot tub. Call us to learn more at 941-330-0001.

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