How Often Should You Use a Hot Tub?

You’ve likely wondered, how often should I use my hot tub? To answer, consider not just the immediate benefits of relaxation for your body and your mind, but also the longer-term benefits for your healthy lifestyle.

A woman relaxing in a hot tub

Chances are good that if you don’t spend much time in your spa, you aren’t experiencing anywhere near its full benefits. So, Robertson Billiards & Spas want to encourage you to find a way to make your spa a part of your wellness routine, similar to how you might schedule time for exercise.

Today, we will discuss how often you should soak and what you can expect from an ideal soaking routine. Then, try the Hot Spring® Spas Daily Soak Challenge for 10 days of hot tub therapy right at home. This may just be the perfect habit to kickstart your healthy lifestyle!

How Often Can I Use a Hot Tub?

To optimize spa benefits and get the most value out of your hot tub investment, soak for at least 15 minutes several times a week. Of course, you’ll want to discover a routine that is convenient for your needs and your lifestyle. But chances are good that the more you use your home spa, the more you’ll recognize it as a priority—and the more easily you’ll find time for it.

Commit to soaking in your hot tub once a day (or more if you’d like) for 10 days. Carve out a daily window of about a half-hour—15 minutes for your soak, plus time before and after to transition.

You have plenty of wellness benefits to gain from this experiment. And it’s worth the effort because many hot tub benefits depend on consistent use. Chances are very good that you’ll keep up with your daily soaks long after you hit the 10-day mark.

As you work through the Hot Spring Spas Daily Soak Challenge, consider posting about your commitment, progress, and your overall experience of regular hot tub soaking on social media.

The Unique Benefits of Regular Hot Tub Soaks

Once you begin using your spa regularly, you’ll miss the rewards if you have to skip a day or two. When you soak in a hot tub once in a while, you’ll experience physical and mental relaxation on the spot, but when you soak daily as part of a normal routine, you’ll likely experience:

  • Widespread and lasting stress and tension relief and relief from pain
  • Better-quality sleep
  • A reduction in joint inflammation and enhanced mobility

A daily hot tub soak is just one positive habit you can incorporate into your healthy lifestyle, and doing so can promote even more healthy habits in your day–especially considering the many wellness benefits your spa provides.

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