Using Hot Tubs for Arthritis

A hot tub is an excellent product that provides not only relaxation by lowering levels of tension and stress, but it is also advantageous to your overall health. Research indicates that emerging your body in a hot tub every day can help alleviate the aching effects of arthritis.

A couple with arthritis relaxing in a hot tub

Increases Mobility

Arthritis triggers inflammation of the joints that leads to swelling, pain, and stiffness. Because of these conditions, exercise can become almost unbearable.

Soaking in the soothing warm water with therapeutic massaging jets that a hot tub provides can decrease joint inflammation, lower pain, and loosen the joints. Mobility often increases due to the welcoming hydrostatic pressure on the body.

Relaxes the Joints

It is vital that you speak with your doctor prior to beginning your hot tub regimen. Once you get the green light from your physician along with any limitations or recommendations that are specific to you, start cautiously and keep in mind how your body is reacting to the water.

In general, 20 minutes in the spa hot tub each morning and again each evening can help to combat the havoc that arthritis wreaks.

Gain Flexibility

Drinking water before entering your hot tub and having cool water handy while you soak is essential for adequate hydration. It is also recommended to set the temperature of your hot tub to approximately 100°F.

Try to do stretching and manageable, uncomplicated exercises in the water as the buoyancy of the water not only removes a notable amount of pressure from your joints but adds resistance as well. Your gained flexibility will linger for a while even after you get out of the spa.

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