Let’s Debunk These Three Common Hot Tub Myths

Dispelling the most common myths about hot tubs can be helpful when choosing the best spa for you and learning how to keep it well-maintained for years to come. Here are three prevalent misconceptions that all future and current owners of hot tubs should know about.

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The Purchasing Myth

Myth: The higher the horsepower and number of jets, the higher the quality of the hot tub.
Truth: When it comes to jets and horsepower, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. The true quality and hydromassage benefits are more dependent on the type, size, and placement of jets, and more of them can mean higher operating costs. Additionally, when the size of the pump remains the same and must pump air and water through the jets at a lower volume, this could mean lesser performance. The amount of horsepower is primarily determined by the number of jets and can also mean higher energy bills.

The Maintenance Myth

Myth: With an ozone system, there’s no need for adding chemicals to your hot tub in order to keep it clean.
Truth: Although ozone reduces the need for added chemicals, it doesn’t completely eliminate it. An ozone system aids in oxidizing some contaminants but doesn’t entirely clean the water on its own. You will still need to add chlorine or shock your spa to completely sanitize it. Ensure that you perform proper testing of the water and add appropriate chemicals accordingly.

The Cleaning Myth

Myth: The best way to disinfect your spa is to clean it with bleach.
Truth: Many hot tub owners use bleach as a sanitizer, but this can lead to damage to the filter and the spa’s interior finish, as well as cause permanent damage to the cover. In addition, excessive chlorine, bromine, and ozone levels can bleach the underside of the cover. Instead, use an all-purpose cleaner for the spa’s surface and cover.

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