Getting into a Hot Tub on Valentine’s Day

When people use the term “getting into hot water with your significant other”, it usually implies a negative connotation. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and the obligatory celebration of love that’s often associated with it, it’s time to celebrate. Sure, you could go the normal route with candy, chocolates, and gift cards that might be slightly overpriced, or, you could break with tradition and expectation and take advantage of time in a hot tub

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Why a Hot Tub? 

Valentine’s Day is a time to enjoy intimacy and be truly thankful for all the wonderful moments the two of you have shared together. Sure, candle-lit dinners are always nice, but a hot tub can initiate togetherness that you might not have known before. Besides, that romantic meal for two can be the precursor to an evening you won’t soon forget. 

Setting the Scene 

Utilizing a hot tub as a romantic setting isn’t just a matter of putting a swim suit on and jumping in. Preparation is the key to put the “hot” in hot tub. Think in terms of “grand gestures” and being a hopeless romantic, you’ll thank us later. Here are a few ideas we have in mind. 

  • Rose Petals While using these might seem somewhat overplayed and contrived, they’re the ultimate gesture of love and intimacy. Sprinkle some on and around the tub, accentuate the mood with candles and maybe even some appealing fragrances. 
  • Chilled Beverages, Hot Love Now the time has come to finish establishing the proper atmosphere. Pick out the finest bottle of liquid and chill it in some ice, some soothing music will be all you need for a truly magical evening. 

Inviting Intimacy 

As the two of you soak yourselves and enjoy one another’s company, talk about the first time you met, what made you fall in love, or just savor this moment as they don’t come often. Just allowing events to take their course is one of the best things you can do. You’ve set up an environment that’s warm and inviting, and the opportunity to take intimacy to the next level is right at your fingertips…and so are the massage jets. 

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