SilkBalance Water Care & How it Helps

If you’re an owner of a hot tub or spa, maintenance may be a little overwhelming at times. Instead of using harsh chemicals you now have the option of a natural water care system called SilkBalance. Let’s take a look at how this product works and the benefits it can have for your hot tub or spa.

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What’s In SilkBalance?

SilkBalance is a formula made up of buffering and sequestering agents used to balance your hot tub or spa water. With SilkBalance you’ll no longer need to spend time testing your water or adjusting harmful chemicals. This natural formula also has other additives that can keep your water as fresh as possible while also protecting heaters and pumps.

Removes Bacteria

The main job of SilkBalance is to remove food sources from the water that bacteria feed on. If these sources are removed the bacteria can no longer live in your water or multiply. This formula also reduces the surface tension of your hot tub or spa water. Bacteria need surface tension to protect their Biofilm which is a protective slime. Without this protection, bacteria can no longer survive in the water. When waters were tested that used SilkBalance little or no bacteria was found.

Safe to Use

If you’re tired of dealing with risky chemicals, SilkBalance is the best option for you. All U.S standards for safety and reliability have been met by the formula. It’s so safe that even your pets can drink from it and the water can be used in your plants. SilkBalance uses all-natural ingredients unlike other products so it’s safe for both you and the environment. You’ll no longer have to worry about chemical smells or cloudy water while using your hot tub or spa.

Care For Your Skin

SilkBalance is a great product to use for your water if you’re worried about how chemicals have been affecting your skin. Many people actually avoid spas due to the chemical odors from the water that are left on your skin after use. With SilkBalance your skin won’t be left feeling dry or itchy. It’s also been determined safe by dermatologists and proven safe for people who suffer from psoriasis. Now guests with all skin types will be able to enjoy your hot tub or spa.

If you want to keep yourself and your water protected, SilkBalance is the product for you. Save yourself both time and effort by switching to SilkBalance today. Robertson Billiards & Spas offer many SilkBalance products to help you get started. Visit our showroom located at 1721 N. Franklin St. Tampa, Fl, 33602 or contact our expert team today! 813-229-2778

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